Stokke® Home™ Dresser

The Dresser is the perfect height for changing your baby when the Changer is attached. The spacious, soft closing drawers offer plenty of room and give easy access without letting your baby out of sight. Depending on how you arrange your room, the Dresser with Changer allows for both sideways and parent facing changing positions. Open space for your feet under the Dresser let you get closer when changing and cuddling your baby. The Scandinavian design together with the durable material makes it a classic piece of furniture that will last for years.



*Part of the Stokke® Home™ nursery furniture collection
* 3 soft-closing drawers for your child's clothes, toys and treasures
* A diaper changing station when Stokke® Home™ Changer is attached
* Allows for both sideways and parent-facing changing positions
* Space under the dresser allows you to stand closer to your baby
* Available in White and Hazy Grey


Made from durable solid beech wood and formaldehyde reduced MDF

Price: Dresser €399.00

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