Stokke® Home™ Cradle

The soft, light textiles of the cradle give your baby plenty of airflow and a cozy environment to rest, sleep and dream. At nighttime, keep your baby close by your bed – the cradle´s small footprint allows you to fit it into any sized bedroom. The cradle's light weight makes it ideal for daybed usage – just move it from one room to another to keep your baby close.



*Part of the Stokke® Home™ nursery furniture collection
* Can be used alone or together with the Stokke® Home™ Bed
* A day and night time bassinet for your newborn baby
* Exceptional airflow with light textiles and perforated mattress base
* Lightweight and space efficient - easy to move from room to room
* Available in White and Hazy Grey


Price: €299.00

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