BeSafe iZi Up X2 - Grows with the child

15 – 36kg / Up to 135cm

Parents are very concerned about safety for their babies and toddlers, but when kids are at four, it seems like the safety aspects is less important. However, also kids are very vulnerable and need more protection than a car safety belt can give. The body is heavier and by impact, the frontal displacement can be very harmful. Belt intrusion with severe injuries in the abdomen area can easily occur if sufficient safety is not taken into account. By side impacts a booster seat will not give any protection to head and shoulder. Therefore we have got a new European law saying that all children up to 135cm shall sit in a child seat. Besafe iZi Up X2 is developed to meet the most demanding requirements for safety, both by side impacts and frontal impacts.

Belt hooks, which normally lead to dangerous misuse are left out, and by iZi Up X2 the geometry of the car belt will be as intended from the car manufacturer, over the pelvis of your child.

Further features:

·         Height adjustment of back and head support in one operation

·         Sleeping position, can be operated by the child himself

·         Automatic adjustment of the shoulder belt

·         SIP – side impact protection

·         Correct belt guiding, less risk for misuse

·         Meets the new regulation, up to 135cm


Price: €289.00 - ISOfix Price: €219.00 - Seat Belt Installation

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