BeSafe iZi Combi X3 ISOfix

Group 0/1 & 1 Weight: 0-18 Kg

New knowledge tells that all children under 3 years old should travel rearfacing. Crash studies done by ADAC and the International Consumer Organization, ICRT Show 5 times higher risk for severe injury in the neck of children by forward- facing seats compared with rearfacing seats. Practical experience from Scandinavia also points out that the seatshell will protect the child from being injured from smashing into front seats or other fragments. Furthermore there will not be any injuries due to belt intrusion in the child´s body.

Studies from really life accidents done by Volvo show that rearfacing seats are 5 times safer than forwardfacing seats.

Further features:

·         Can also be used forwardfacing

·         ISOfix when rearfacing, Click-in & installed

·         Simple belt installation when forwardfacing

·         Safety leg and tension system give a really tight fit

·         4 reclined positions

·         Sandwich construction, reinforced plastic shell with 40mm soft shell inside


Price: €589.00 - ISOfix

Price: €449.90 - Seat Belt Installation


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