iZi Go! New. Lighter. Smarter.

The new iZi Go has a focus on safety. Inspired by nature, by the egg - simple and strong. In addition to the safety, it was important to create a light, robust baby seat. iZi Go is easy to lift into and out of the car and onto the chassis of a pram/pushchair. This baby seat has an ergonomically designed carrying handle and integrated sun canopy. It has also been designed for easy installation in the car, thus reducing the rinsk of incorrect fitting.

Large sun canopy

The integrated sun canopy protects your child from strong sunlight. When not in use it can be concealed in the design og the seat. When it is in use it protect your child.

Travel system

Has your child fallen asleep in the car? Lift iZi Go out of the car and place it on the pram/pushchair using special adaptors. Ready to go for a walk.

Price: €239.00

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