Musical Star Projector

A  star projector to fall asleep peacefully.

This projector creates a starry dome on the ceiling to help your child fall asleep calmly.

It creates a starry sky on the ceiling to help children fall asleep calmly.

There's something magic about it, like the sandman...

In addition to the soothing star-filled dome it creates, it plays soft music to help little cuties fall asleep more easily.

Without any cords, it can be placed anywhere in the bedroom.

Rechargeable, the Star Projector is equipped with a universal micro-USB charging system. Less chargers and batteries are used in the household !

Magical for children, the Star Projector is also economical and extremely practical for their parents, turning off automatically after 45 minutes... No need to get up!


Soothing: projects a pretty starry sky that changes colours on the bedroom ceiling (or choose between blue, green, or orange projections).

Musical: a gentle lullaby to help your child fall asleep.

Portable: without wires, you can put it anywhere.

Energy-saving: turns off automatically after 45 minutes turns off gently after 45 minutes (with 15 minutes of music if activated).


Price: €33.50

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