Stokke®  iZiSleep™

by BeSafe®

Anyone who has ever struggled with the awkward transfer of a sleeping child from stroller to car seat and back to stroller, only to repeat the process on the way home and you’ve only just nipped out to the shops!  – knows how much stress this apparently simple operation can cause for parents and, more importantly, how much unnecessary upset it can cause to the little person who’s just trying to have a peaceful snooze.

Enter the brilliant new car seat Stokke® iZiSleep™ by BeSafe®, which makes managing that transfer as easy as A, B, C. The Stokke® iZiSleep™ by BeSafe® is both a car seat and a stroller seat.

When attached to the Stokke® Xplory® chassis, the seat has both an active and a rest position to suit your child’s mood. The Stokke® iZiSleep™ by BeSafe® is also designed  to maximize the opportunities for a child to remain in an optimal lying down position. This is crucial for child  development, relieving pressure on your child’s back and allowing oxygen to be more easily exchanged

Standards: As you would expect, the Stokke® iZiSleep™ by BeSafe® complies with standards ECE R44-04. Approved period of use: 0-13 Kg.

Price: €299

IsoFix Base: €179 

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