From birth.
Bring your newborn to the family table

With the Tripp Trapp® Newborn Set™ your baby can now be included in family life around the table from birth. By extending the life span with the newborn set, the Tripp Trapp® chair is the only chair your child will ever need!

Your baby wants to be close to you at all times including when you are sitting, eating or chatting around the table.

Now, the newborn set fills the gap from birth to 6 months, providing your baby with a safe and comfortable place at the table with the rest of the family. Having your baby seated with you at the table allows you to interact and enjoy even more time together. The newborn set allows your baby to see, hear and interact with you making them feel safe and secure.

The newborn set is easily detachable and can be used in any room so you can keep your baby close by no matter where you need to be. The base of the newborn set is gently curved to create a soft rocking motion when placed on the floor.

Price: €89

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