Automatic night light

The automatic night light that comforts little ones in the dark.

This elegant wall-mounted nightlight shines with a gentle glow to comfort kids in the dark.

Small and light, it is ideal for sleeping calmly through the night: baby is no longer scared of monsters under the bed and parents can check in without waking anyone up.

It's so simple to use, all you have to do is just plug it in!

This nightlight is smart enough to turn on when night comes or turn off when the sun rises, all by itself.

Not only that, but its sensor automatically varies changes brightness according to the ambient light.

On the practical side, it has a rotating plug that adapt to all wall sockets.


Reassuring: shines with a soft glow in the dark

Automatic: turns on and off by itself

Progressive: brightness varies with ambient light

Simple: just plug it in

Bright idea by Pabobo: adapts to all wall sockets

the automatic wall night light is availble in:  White

Price: €15

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