Pixie Light 

The perfect soothing night light to reassure babies at night! A rechargeable LED night light with two light settings is designed to soothe your little one. The best part is that this adorable little lamp comes off its rechargeable base to become a lantern!

Suitable from birth, the Beaba night light will accompany your baby for a long time. When older and toilet trained, your little one can simply press a button on the back of the night light and turn it into a lantern and carry it to light his way to the bathroom at night.

Designed in a fun, pixie form, the Beaba night light is very easy to hold thanks to its ergonomic handle. Always remaining soft, the pixie night light is strong enough to allow you to change baby during the night without needing to switch on any other light.

Available in 3 colors.

Price: €52.50

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