BABYBJÖRN Babysitter Balance

A balanced life is when you know that your child is comfortable and content, leaving you the peace of mind to do what has to be done.

Children find rocking themselves in the Babysitter fun and relaxing. Rocking and moving themselves in the Babysitter enables your child to train their motor and balance skills naturally. The BABYBJÖRN Babysitter Balance has been developed in close cooperation with pediatricians and is backed up by over 45 years of product development and experience.

The BABYBJÖRN Babysitter Balance is easy to fold and take with you, wherever you go, and has three positions; play, rest and sleep. From 0-2 years (3.5 kg/7.7 lbs to 13 kg/28.6 lbs).

The material is machine-washable and approved in accordance with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, class 1, i.e. it is guaranteed free from hazardous substances. Reversible fabric gives you four colour schemes in one.

Accessories for the Babysitters:
BABYBJÖRN Babysitter Wooden Toy and BABYBJÖRN Cozy Cover for Babysitter

Price: €159.90

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