Frog Bath Cushion

The Frog Bath Cushion is a soft and safe floating mattress designed especially to bathe your baby. Place the cushion in a shallow bath tub and let your baby enjoy a fun bath every time.

What are the significant advantages over other baby bath tubs?

  1. The Frog cradles your baby in the tub helping it feel more comfortable and less afraid of the bath. The Frog turns bathing into a relaxed and pleasurable experience for your baby!
  2. It's made of a soft and gentle material that hugs your baby with softness. It is not firm and hard on your baby’s body like other infant bathtubs.
  3. It helps to make your baby's bath so much easier for you
    By adjusting itself to your baby’s shape and weight, the Frog holds her safely and prevents her from slipping and sliding. No other infant bath tub fits itself to your baby’s body! 

  4. The Frog is easy to clean. Just rinse under running water and allow to dry. You can also throw it into the washing machine!
  5. It's easy to store and carry.


Price: €37.50

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