Baby Bathtub

A luxurious Baby Bathtub by Rotho.

Ergonomic design that allows the parents to safely cuddle their infants on the narrower side while resting their arms on the special arm rests. As the babies grow to toddlers they can seat upright at the wider side of the bathtub.

The non skid mat on the bottom of the buthtub prevents the babies and toddlers from slipping under the water.

Can be place either in your bathtub or on the special stand. A flexible tube can be attached to easily empty the water.

Available colors: Transparent Green, Sunset Red, Pink, Transparent Blue, White, Transparent Pink

Price: €27.50


Foldable Bath stand suitable for most bath tubs. Available in White color   €38.40



Flexible Tube suitable for all bath tubs   €8.50

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