BeSafe Pregnabcy Belt

Protect your unborn baby whenever you travel by car with the unique BeSafe Pregnant Car Safety Hip Belt. This unique system ensures the seat belt does not intrude across the abdomen and diverts pressure to the pelvis rather than directly to the baby. It’s safe, secure and the most sensible option for travelling whilst pregnant.

In the event of a car accident, an adult can be propelled forward with a force of 3 to 5 tonnes. Since the lap belt is ordinarily strapped across the stomach region, a pregnant mother can expose the foetus to extreme pressure during a collisions. By using the BeSafe Pregnant Car Safety Hip Belt the car's seatbelt is diverted downward away from the stomach region and redirected to the pelvis to afford added protection during pregnancy. In a series of car accidents involving pregnant mums the foetus remained unharmed thanks to the unique BeSafe seatbelt mechanism. BeSafe recommend the use of their seatbelt early on during pregnancy to prevent the possibility of miscarriage resulting from an accident.

The BeSafe Pregnant Car Safety Hip Belt has been tested by the SP Swedish National Testing and Resaerch Institute to ensure safety

Price: €49.90

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