Lumilove Penguin

A musical companion with a smart charger.

A cuddly and glowing musical companion, always there to follow children on their adventures.

Lumilove Penguin is a fun little animal buddy that kids can take everywhere, all the time!

During the day, it can be hugged, told stories, played with…

And when night falls, the cute Penguin plays gentle music for 15 minutes.

Since it doesn't heat up, it can slide under the covers safely: perfect - especially right after a little scare or a sad time!

To recharge it, all you have to do is place the  Penguin on its base… smart! With 11 hours of operation, Lumilove Penguin is ready for lots of well-lit hugs. It even turns on automatically soon as you remove it from its base, or if the power goes out!

Friendly: ideal for going with children everywhere, all the time

Musical: plays a gentle melody for 15 minutes

Generous: 11 hours operation for lots of well-lit hugs

Safe: doesn't heat up, even under sheets!

Smart: just place the light on its base to recharge

Bright idea by Pabobo: turns on soon as you remove it from its base or if the power goes out!

From birth (0+) CE

Lumilove Penguin is available in three shades:  Blue - Pink - Beige

Price: €45.00

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