Beaba Bib'Expresso

It is now possible to prepare a bottle in a few seconds with just one hand and be certain of its temperature with the Beaba Bib'Expresso.

Simply fill with the right amount of water, press the heat button, wait for the beeps then press the water distribution button and fill your bottle.

Bib'expresso may also be turned into an ultra-compact bainmarie for heating food jars and pre-prepared bottles of milk. The bainmarie heating unit is removable so that it can be carried everywhere.

Easy to clean it comes complete with a spatula and recipe booklet.

Bib'expresso is more than a new device for preparing bottles. It is equipped with a microwave steriliser for 3 bottles which may also be used as a bottle storage unit in order to protect them from light and dust.

Price: €109.00

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