Dream Theater

An enchanted ride for traveling to dreamland

A marvelous ride that helps children fall softly asleep.

Manège Enchanté is Carrousel's big brother.

Both project soothing light on the walls and ceiling to help children drift off to sleep calmly...

With its low-energy LEDs, Manège Enchanté offers colors that are even more beautiful to attract your baby's attention.

And there’s more! Not only does Manège Enchanté tell a beautiful story with animated images before sleep, it also plays music.

No need to get up to turn it off. The gentle lullaby or nature sounds stop automatically after 45 minutes...

Activate the sleep mode and it turns back on by itself if the child cries!

Of course, the silent Manège Enchanté motor is completely shielded from little hands, whether you place on it on a hard surface or use the wall mount.


Soothing: colorful and attractive animated projections that captivate baby's attention

Dreamy: a wonderful story before sleeping

Musical: choose a gentle lullaby or nature sounds

Practical: turns off gently after 45 minutes (with 15 minutes of music if activated).

Innovative: the first rotating lamp with a LED!

Easy: place it on any hard surface, or use the provided wall-mount. Ideal to replace a mobile.

Bright idea by Pabobo: when in Sleep mode, the light turns on if your child starts crying!

Dream Theater is available in "Jungle" design

Price: €75





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