The very best positioning cushion with the finest filling to offer greatest comfort! The cushion moulds perfectly to the shape of your body; ideal as extra support during your pregnancy, as nurs-ing pillow or just to sit or lie down comfortably.

- The Form Fix pillow supports pregnant women’s bellies and relieves the back. After pregnancy it can be used as nursing pillow. The pillow will relieve your arms, shoulders and neck as your baby partially rests on it. Moreover it will help you to hold your baby at the ideal height while feeding. From the moment your child sits upright, you can also use the Form Fix as a baby nest. Furthermore, it can also be used as playing or reading pillow when your child is a bit older. However, you don’t need to be pregnant or have a baby to enjoy Form Fix. Form Fix is very comfortable for everyone to sit or lie down and relax.

- The removable cover with zipper is made from very soft terry cloth, available in lots of different colours and is machine washable. Thanks to the elastic seam of the cover the cushion can easily be bent in all directions.

Transform your Form Fix cushion into a pouf The special Sit Fix cover enables you to easily transform your Form Fix into a very practical pouf. This cover is also machine washable and available in various colours. Ideal for small and tall babies.

Easy care – machine washable cover


Price: Pillow €56, Cover €22.60 


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