Bravado! Original Nursing Bra

Price: €39.95

Are you a new mum looking for a great nursing bra? Bravado!’s Original Nursing Bra is the perfect solution for the nursing mother who wants comfort, style and ease.
Made from a super-soft cotton/spandex blend fabric, these bras support your changing shape all day long.
There are three different bras, each with unique features, to support different breast sizes and shapes. All of the sizes overlap. The right bra for you depends on whether you are about to deliver, have just had your baby, or if you have been breastfeeding for a few months.

Common Features of all Styles
• 92% cotton / 8% spandex blend fabric
• Sports bra styled back that provides excellent upper-middle back support and holds straps in place
• Poppers that lie flat under close fitting clothing and can be opened and closed with one hand
• Cups that drop fully away from breast, giving the baby complete access
• Adjustable shoulder straps
• Wide under elastic that provides even weight distribution and under-breast support and doesn't ride up or slip

Color Swatches


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