Sublime Nursing Bra

Having a baby doesn’t mean sacrificing gorgeous lingerie. Bravado Designs is proud to introduce the Sublime Nursing Bra: the perfect solution for you to feel fabulously feminine and wonderfully comfortable while pregnant and nursing. How Sublime!


Soft, delicate lace and beautiful design elements to show off your radiant style.
Cotton lining in the cups against your skin as recommended by healthcare professionals, to keep you feeling wonderfully comfortable.
Double-cup sizes with fabric that gently expands and contracts with your body; perfect to fit your changing size needs during pregnancy and nursing.
Soft cup design, with fabric that feels feather-light on your body.

Easy nursing features, including cups that drop fully and easily away from the breast to promote skin-to-skin contact with baby, and signature B-Clips that lie flat under clothing and provide one-handed nursing access


Price: €55

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