Dreamgenii Support Pillow

Price: €58.50 Pillow

The Unique Dream Genii™ support pillow is designed to aid restful sleep during those uncomfortable stages of pregnancy when getting comfortable is a difficult task.

Unlike other pillows, Dream Genii™ offers gentle support for your tummy, back and knees without taking up most of the bed, allowing you and your partner to get a good nights rest.

Its unique shape encourages you to sleep on your left side, in the recovery position, which, if used regularly from the second trimester, can encourage baby into the optimum position for birth. The gentle back support discourages rolling onto your back during the night, which can restrict blood flow to both mother and baby and the leg support is designed to take the pressure off your tummy and back by gently lifting your leg whilst you sleep.

Once baby has arrived, Dream Genii™ can be used as a feeding support pillow. The leg support fits comfortably into the small of your back, whilst the back and tummy supports fold over to form cradle shaped support for your new baby. Unlike other feeding pillows, the Dream Genii™ gives essential back support and allows for a comfortable position without putting any strain on any post birth aches and pains.


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